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A Comparison Between Philips HD9240 vs HD9641: Which is the ultimate fryer for healthy cooking?

Airfryer Philips HD9240 with the circulating airWith more people becoming more conscious of the need for healthy eating, consumers are looking for efficient kitchen appliances that will not only make lower-fat foods but also tasty foods.

If you love fried foods, then you must have been cautioned at least once about the high-calorie intake as well as the health dangers that come with consuming them.

You can now rest easy because with airfryers, you have the right way to go when making such foods. Instead of deep-frying the foods, for instance, putting then in an airfryer will have them cooked by the circulating air.

Philips is one of the leading manufacturers of reliable airfryer models in the market. We chose to compare Philips HD9240 vs 9641 to make your shopping experience simple.

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Philips HD9641

  • Patented TurboStar Technology
  • QuickControl Dial with Digital Display
  • Non-Stick Removable Bottom
  • Easy Cleaning in 90 seconds

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We’ve tested 2 Philips airfryers and the winner is above!

Philips HD9240 vs Philips HD9641

The differences between the two Philips airfryer models lie in the specs since most of the feature alike:

  • HD9240 comes in black/white while 9641 is all black
  • HD9240 weighs approximately 15.4 lbs (7 kgs) while 9641 is about 12 lbs (5.5 kgs) in weight
  • HD9240 is more powerful as compared to the 9641 because it runs on 1750W while the latter operates with 1425W
  • HD9240 measures 315 x 302 x 425 mm (L x W x H), which makes it a little larger as compared to the 9641 that features dimensions of 365 x 266 x 280 mm
  • The user interface of HD9240 is a digital touchscreen while 9641 comes with a quick control; you only need to turn the dial and click with the digital display
  • While HD9240 has no keep warm function, 9641 allows your food to remain warm for up to 30 minutes
  • The capacity of the basket in HD9240 is larger since it accommodates 2 bags of French fries (2.65 lbs) while 9641 only has room for one bag of French fries
  • 9641 comes with a quick-clean feature that the HD9240 lacks

After highlighting the differences, now let’s look at the similarities that these products come with:

  • They both have a 60-min timer and a recipe book is included in each
  • Both HD9240 and 9641 have preset programs, an automatic shut off, a cord storage, non-slip feet, a cool wall exterior, a ready signal, and are dish-washer safe

Philips HD9240 vs HD9641 Comparison Chart


Philips HD9240

Philips HD9641


Philips HD9240

Philips HD9641


2.65lb/3.5qt (2 bags of French fries)

1.8lb/2.5qt (1 bag of French fries)


1750 W

1425 W


120 V

120 V


60 Min

60 Min


Digital Touchscreen Display

QuickControl Dial with Digital Display

Automatic Shut




315 x 302 x 425 mm

365 x 266 x 280 mm


15.4 lbs

12 lbs

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Check on Amazon

Are you planning to buy an airfryer and are not sure which models to pick in the saturated market? If you are, Philips HD9240 and 9641 are some of the fantastic options that you might want to consider.

Each of these models comes with unique features that improve efficiency in the kitchen.

Product Comparison

Size and weight

The main reason one would choose Philips HD9641 is its compact size because it measures approximately 365 x 266 x 280 mm. This compactness coupled by the fact that it is lightweight (weighs on 12 lbs) make it easier to handle.

Philips HD9240 vs Philips HD9641

Furthermore, you will not be worried about this kitchen appliance occupying too much space on your countertop. HD9240, on the other hand, is a bit large since it comes with dimensions of 315 x 302 x 425 mm and weighs 15.4 lbs more than the 9641.

As such, if you are looking for a small airfryer that you can readily move, then Philips HD9641 might be the best choice.

The basket capacity of an airfryer also determines how much food you can really make in one round. HD9641 has a basket capacity of 1.8 lbs, which is equivalent to 1 bag of French fries. Contrary to this, HD9240 has a basket capacity of 2.65 lbs, which means you can make up to 2 bags of French fries at a go.

If you are looking to make more food in one round, therefore, you should go for the 9240 model.


A good airfryer should cook all the food in it uniformly and perfectly. Both Philips HD9240 and 9641 run on a voltage of 120. However, their power varies with the latter having 1425W while the former has a 1750W.

This means that 9240 is more powerful and a great preference for users looking for a reliable airfryer.

Both airfryer models come with various performance-enhancing features such as the automatic shut-off that is perfect for individuals looking for convenience.

A cool wall exterior is also used on both airfryers so you can touch and handle the appliances while the food inside is hot.

Both models feature preset cooking functions that come in handy for instant cooking, which means that you don’t have to wait for the fryer to heat before putting the food in the basket.

The non-slip feet ensure that the appliances stay in place as the frying goes on.

The ready signal seen on both Philips HD9240 and 9641 will tell you when the appliances are ready to begin the air-frying process.

Since most of the performance features are alike, I would recommend acquiring Philips HD9240 since it has more power as compared to the 9641.


Since you will be dealing with foods, you need an airfryer that is easy to clean. This way, you are sure that the food you prepare is healthy and fit to eat.

HD9240 is dishwasher safe and so is HD9641. All you have to do is remove the fryer basket and the nonstick drawers before putting them in the dishwasher.

Airfryer Avance Digital. How to clean Philips HD9240:

Both models come with a cord storage feature, which means that you can readily fold the cord whenever you are cleaning them.

The superiority of HD9641 is portrayed by its quick-clean function that makes the whole maintenance process simpler, thus saving you time. In fact, it should take you less than 90 seconds to clean it.

As such, I would highly recommend acquiring HD9641 if you want a kitchen appliance that is easy to maintain.


Philips HD9641 comes with a quick-control that requires you to turn the dial to set the temperatures and turning it again to set the time before clicking to begin the cooking process.

Philips HD9240, on the other hand, features a digital touchscreen interface that is easy to use.

Philips HD9240 vs Philips HD9641 - Interface

Based on the ease of use and convenience of the interface, I would highly recommend HD9641.

FAQs about Airfryers

What kinds of foods can one prepare in an airfryer?

You can make many types of foods in an airfryer including fries, donuts, small cakes like muffins, chicken, other meat, vegetables etc. Interestingly, HD9240 and 9641 come with recipe books included so you have a variety of items you can cook in each of the airfryers.

While most foods can be cooked safely and effectively in an airfryer to promote healthy eating, you should avoid cooking vegetables such as broccoli and beans that need steaming.

You should know that some airfryers are suitable for fried fish and chicken while others are ideal for potatoes, vegetables etc. You, therefore, need to consider the recommendations of the manufacturer prior to your decision.

Philips Airfryer HD9641/90:

How much food can one prepare in an airfryer?

The amount of food you can prepare in an airfryer will depend on the model you use as well as the type of food you are cooking.

As you can see above, for instance, Philips HD9641 has a basket capacity of only 1 bag of French fries while the 9240 has enough room for 2 of these bags.

Philips HD9641 has a basket capacity of only 1 bag of French fries

You, therefore, need to consider the manufacturer’s recommendations to know the exact amount of food to cook at a time in an airfryer. Be sure not to exceed this amount because it might inhibit the cooking process by preventing your food to cook evenly.

Exceeding the recommended capacity might also compromise the performance of the airfryer.

Do all airfryers require preheating?

Most airfryers are used without preheating since this allows you ample time to place the cooking ingredients in the basket.

If you are cooking eggs in an airfryer, you should immediately place it in the basket before turning on the heat.

However, some foods like small cakes might need the airfryer to be preheated. In such a case, you should set the timer to 5 minutes and when the warm-up light goes on, you are ready to begin the cooking process.

What factors should one consider when buying an airfryer?


The first thing that should come to mind when buying an airfryer is size. This is because you want an appliance that will fit perfectly on your kitchen countertop.

Furthermore, it should be able to make the right food quantity to cater for your family and friends. Luckily, the market is flooded with a wide range of models of varying sizes and basket capacities so you have a variety of choices.

Features available

With the advancing technology, you want an airfryer that is feature-rich to not only improve efficiency in the kitchen but also make a variety of foods. You, therefore, should consider the controls of the appliance for the convenience of use.

Philips HD9641/96

Look out for a timer, temperature controls, warm-up lights, a quick-clean feature, ready signal, an automatic shut-off, and pre-set functions. A feature-packed airfryer is easier to cook with and makes its use more effective.

Ease of cleaning

When shopping for an airfryer, you should look for one with a quick clean function because it takes less than 90 seconds to clean. Furthermore, the removable parts like the basket and nonstick drawers of the airfryer should be dishwasher safe for convenience.

Your kitchen outlets

Before settling on a certain airfryer model, you should consider the amount of power your kitchen outlets can support. Most airfryer models come with a power range of 800 to 1500W.

As a result, a majority of the power outlets installed in both residential and commercial premises is able to support such power.

Philips HD9240 vs HD9641

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