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Philips HD9220 vs. Philips HD9230

Philips HD9220 vs. Philips HD9230For those of you who are new to the concept of air fryers, it begs explaining: what exactly is an air fryer, and how does it work?

To put it simply, an air fryer is a convection oven that is used frequently due to its sleek design and portability.

It is meant to fry foods in a way that is exemplified by deep frying methods, giving you the texture and tastes of deep fried food without you having to deal with a huge vat of boiling oil.

It should be noted, though, that — although air fryers don’t need oil to run — throwing in a few teaspoons of oil with your air frying process will increase the density of the texture and the overall strength of the flavor profile.

An air fryer helps fry your food by containing incredibly hot air above and below your food with the objective of converting liquid into mist.

From this, the dry heat works its way inside the food from the outside, often utilizing blazing hot temperatures in order to produce a texture outside that is comparable to the crispy crust you typically associate with deep fried food.

When you’re looking for an air fryer, there are a few things you’ll want to be on the lookout for. For example, being able to find a unit that will cook a large variety of food is key.

Philips HD9230

Most air fryers will be able to handle a large variety of foods, but it’s important to know that the products you’re looking at can handle a large variety of different foods.

The air fryer that you get will also have a design that fits your cooking needs. Making sure that the air fryer you end up using has enough space to cook whichever meal you want is essential to making sure that you have enough room for your entire meal.

After all, nobody wants to have a meal in which half of the fried objects are cold because there wasn’t enough room to fry the entire portion at the same time!

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Philips HD9230

  • Patented Starfish Design
  • Digital Touchscreen Interface
  • 60 Minute Timer
  • Double Layer Rack

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We’ve tested 2 Philips airfryers and the winner is above!

Philips HD9220 vs. Philips HD9230

No matter which air fryer you go with, Philips is the company that offers the most consistent and high-quality air fryers that money can buy. Whether or not you should buy the 9220 or the 9230, though, depends on your budget and what exactly you’re looking for.

The Philips HD9230 is the most recent of the models, but because of this it also has the higher price; if you want to purchase the 9230, you’ll have to pay twice the amount that you would be paying for the Philips HD9220.

Philips HD9220 vs. Philips HD9230

Both products are very efficient and allow you to fry food incredibly quickly, but the less fat and quicker methods of the 9230 make it the best air fryer overall.


  • 9230 has even less fat than the 9220
  • 9230 comes with double layer rack accessory
  • 9230 cooks food even faster than the 9220
  • 9230 has a larger size


  • Both are able to fry food incredibly fast
  • Both have intuitive, helpful designs

Philips HD9220 vs HD9230 Comparison Chart


Philips HD9220

Philips HD9230


Philips HD9220

Philips HD9230


1.8lb/2.5qt (1 bag of French fries)

1.8lb/2.5qt (1 bag of French fries)


1425 W

1425 W


120 V

120 V


30 Min

60 Min


Analog Display

Digital Touchscreen Display

Automatic Shut




13.8 x 13.8 x 15.1 inches

15.3 x 15.3 x 14.9 inches


16.36 lbs

16 lbs

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Сomparing the Products


9220 vs. 9230: Likely the most important difference between the two air fryers is the size of the products themselves. For instance, the 9230 is larger, having specific dimensions of 15.3 x 15.3 x 14.9 inches, while the 9220 has dimensions of only 13.8 x 13.8 x 15.1 inches.

This means that there is less space on the inside to fry your food, something that might be more of a detractor for those who are looking to cook larger amounts of food more frequently.

Ironically, though, the Philips HD9230 is actually slightly lighter than the Philips HD9220 in weight, coming in at 16 pounds as opposed to 16.36.

This difference is not too great that we would say one is more portable than the other, but if the slight difference is a concern, then it’s important noting this.

Like many air fryers, both of these products have issues with being difficult to clean. Because of this, it’s important to take into account the size to make sure that you’re not spending an unreasonable amount of time cleaning up an air fryer in places that you shouldn’t.

Which is better? Which product is better depends on what you would like to do with it. This mainly comes down to what you’re cooking, as the only notable difference is the size (and subsequently room to fry) things that each product gives you.

Philips HD9230

If you want to fry with more space, invest in the 9230, otherwise, the 9220 will be sufficient. Because it gives more space, though, we choose the 9230 as the better option between the two as it will offer more flexibility in the long run.

Product Design

9220 vs 9230: Something that is undeniable is that the exterior and interior designs of each product are nearly identical. They are simply slightly different versions of the same product, so it’s difficult to compare them on this basis.

However, it’s worth re-iterating that the 9230 offers more space than the 9220 does, making it a better choice for those who want to benefit from more space.

In terms of efficiency, though, the 9230 excels in areas that the 9220 does not. For example, it can reach higher overall temperatures than the 9220 can (a record 390F), allowing the food inside of it to cook much faster.

Another benefit is that the 9230 contains even less fat in the frying process than the 9220 already does, making it the healthier option of the two choices.

Both of the products also utilize the starfish design that allows rapid air technology to take the incredibly hot air and cycle it throughout the chamber of the device. With this unique type of circulation, it can fry the food remarkably fast and promote effective frying on all sides of the food.

For more space, the Philips HD9230 also comes with a double layer frying rack that makes it easier to position and fry your food effectively. It also gives you more space to do so, making it a more versatile product overall from the 9220.

Philips HD9230 also comes with a double layer frying rack

Which is better? Being able to fry your foods faster makes the 9230 the better product than the 9220. The included double layer frying rack also makes it more efficient and practical.

The only reason that we could see you wanting to use the Philips HD9220 over the 9230 is if you are really trying to save money or if you instead would like to have the product take up less space in your kitchen.

Ease in Maintenance

9230 vs 9220: The main difficulty that repeatedly comes up with both of the air fryers is that they can be quite tricky to clean.

Because they don’t come with effective self-cleaning units on the inside, users frequently find themselves having to laboriously empty out and manually clean the inside of their air fryers.

This isn’t much different from many other kitchen products you might have, but the design of both of the air fryers makes it especially difficult to clean (hard-to-reach crevices, oil sticking to the insides, breading falling into the machine).

There is a solution that can be applied to both of these, though — putting down some sort of panko paper when using your air fryer can be an effective way of controlling the cleanup of the device as much as possible, confining a lot of the elements that fall off to the paper for easy removal.

Which is better? Because the devices are largely identical aside from the size and weight, it’s hard to say which is necessarily better.

However, based on the fact that the 9230 is larger and therefore more work to maintain and clean, one could say that the 9220 is the product that is easier to maintain.


9230 vs 9220: Both of the air fryers are similar products, but ultimately different in size and efficiency.

Because of this, they also differ in price; for instance, the 9230 is about twice the price of the 9220, an aspect of the product that could be a serious deterring factor for those who are on a budget.

However, it should be noted that you are getting a bit more quality and space with the 9230, making it pretty worthwhile if you’re willing to spend the extra amount of money.

Which is better? Because the Philips HD9230 is able to fry your food quicker and give a more impressive quality to the food, we would say that it is a better product overall. It also has the ability to fry more food, something that we think makes it definitely worth the price.

Philips HD9230

However, if you don’t intend on cooking large amounts of food at the same time and want to save money, then the Philips HD9220 is obviously the better value for your dollar.


Do the air fryers need oil?

No! In fact, both of the air fryers can fry your food without oil.

May I use oil if I want?

Yes! If you’d like, you can put oil inside of your air fryer in order to get a more crisp, flavorful fry on the food. This can be a way to add a nice touch to the food you fry, even if it isn’t a requirement.

PHILIPS – AIR FRYER (HD9230 – 50):

What can you cook in the air fryer?

Any food that you can cook in an oven or fryer, you can cook in an air fryer! It should be noted, though, that certain foods don’t work incredibly well with the air frying process.

For example, foods like bacon that are mainly composed of fat will lose a lot of their flavor in the process, as air frying eliminates most of the fat present in foods.

Can I use aluminum foil on the bottom of the air fryer?

Using aluminum foil is not recommended, as it will impede the starfish technology from being able to circulate the air efficiently.

How large is the cooking basket that is included?

Both of the cooking baskets are about 7 by 5 inches.

What is the voltage of the air fryers?

Both of the air fryers have voltages of 120V.

Can you bake with an air fryer?

Yes, you can! The air fryer can be used for a wide variety of different tasks and cooking methods.

Do the air fryers come with the pan and racks that are pictured in related videos?

Unfortunately not, but these products are easily available for purchase at outside retailers.


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