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Air Fryer VS. Deep Fryer: What You Should Choose?

Air Fryer VS. Deep FryerIn the older days, we all trusted the Deep Fryer for crispy food that borders close to restaurant quality.

However, more and more people are jumping on the healthy bandwagon and improving the quality of their health through what they eat.

This has spurred professionals into designing the Air Fryer to make crispy food possible without all of the health drawbacks.

Doing some research enabled us to look at some of the differences between the Deep Fryer and the Air Fryer. Also helping us to see which one of them will be the best for you.

In this article, you will learn some of the differences and you will have a more knowledgeable opinion when it comes to choosing the right appliance for your home.

Deep Fryer

The Deep Fryer is the most common appliance used by many people when making a guilty pleasure meal. It uses a lot of oil and the food needs to be submerged fully in the oil to cook thoroughly.

The Deep Fryer makes use of a flash cooking process that heats up the food with oil to cook them really fast, but all of the oil does stick to the base of the food.

It is commonly used in restaurants to create a crispy texture that the food might need when you are serving them to guests.

In busy times, the Deep Fryer can be used to speed up the cooking process and this is another reason why busy people use them in their homes when they are in a hurry. It does take off a lot of time from the cooking process.

Deep Fryer use a lot of oil

One of the problems of the Deep Fryer is the amount of oil that is used. One can argue that olive oil is healthy, but adding copious amounts of olive oil to your Deep Fryer will become an expensive venture that not many can afford.

It is also worth noting that too much cooking oil can lead to serious heart problems and conditions.

Benefits of the Deep Fryer:

  • It is really affordable to buy
  • Foods can be cooked relatively fast
  • It can cook anything to order in a matter of minutes
  • Foods are tasty and crispy
  • Penetrates the food much deeper to ensure they are evenly cooked

Drawbacks of the Deep Fryer:

  • Using so much oil can be really expensive
  • The oil can lead to cardiac disorders
  • Might lead to weight gain
  • You can only fry foods in a Deep Fryer

Cooking French Fries with Mini Deep Fryer:

Air Fryer

The Air Fryer is a modern take on the Deep Fryer and uses much better technology compared to the older Deep Fryer. It uses little to no oil for cooking foods and it can also help you achieve a crispy texture on your foods.

However, it does take somewhat longer to have the foods done and cooked to order if you are cooking specific foods.

The main benefit of the Air Fryer is the ability to cook different foods with different cooking methods. You no longer need to stick to cooking foods in oil and by removing the oil; you will be using air or the water on frozen foods to have them cooked.

Additionally, these Air Fryers also include a grill feature that allows you to have the foods grilled if needed.

Air Fryers include a grill feature

Most Air Fryers also include a removable tray underneath the cooking stand. This is used to capture all of the excess oil that has not been absorbed by the food.

People cooking fatty meats can use this the same way as they would a grill and it can easily capture all of the oil, making your meals much healthier than with the oil included.

In terms of the taste, you might not even notice the difference unless you are an expert foodie. Nevertheless, it is also worth noting that the Air Fryer is somewhat more expensive and this is due to the advanced technology that is included.

You might also find yourself waiting a little longer for the food to be cooked.

Benefits of the Air Fryer:

  • They will definitely improve your overall health
  • Cooking food can be a little cheaper as well
  • The Air Fryer allows you to cook with different methods
  • Uses less oil than a Deep Fryer
  • Oil can be collected and disposed of

Drawbacks of the Air Fryer:

  • It is a little more expensive
  • The fryer will take longer to cook certain foods
  • You might need to get used to the taste

Which One Should You Choose?

We would recommend the Air Fryer hands down and this is due to the benefits of health that it offers. However, you are free to choose anyone and this will all come down to the specific cooking style you are looking for.

Deep Fryer or Air Fryer

If you are looking to lose some weight, the Air Fryer will definitely be the best option to consider.

In terms of the price, we would also stick to the Air Fryer and this will offer you a lot of saving in the future. Not only will you be saving on food costs, but you might also find yourself saving on your medical bill with fewer trips to the doctor.

Those suffering from heart-related problems should definitely consider the Air Fryer.

Final Thoughts

Now you should have some of the knowledge to choose the best option for your needs. We would definitely recommend the Air Fryer for some of the value that it offers.

Nevertheless, we would love for you to share your opinion and let us know which one you would choose in the comment section below. We would also like to hear some of your stories on how the Air Fryer could have improved your life and health.

Air Fryer Vs. Deep Fryer

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